As entities of Mind, Body and Spirit we are in a journey of recognizing our true nature: oneness, effortless action, dynamic balance and cyclical growth.

Our mind and body speak to us in many ways.

Are you willing to listen to what your mind and body are telling you?

Are you willing to plant a new seed for renewal?

My intention is to create a welcoming environment to support you in wholeness, offering an individualized therapeutic session that will facilitate your ongoing growth using your Mind and Body to expand your Spirit.

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Cranio Sacral Therapy
Somatoemotional Release
Therapeutic Massage
Essential Oils


Montse Ferragut has a background in Clinical Psychology and Brief Therapy…


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Enjoyed an incredibly relaxing experience with Montse! I have never had any Reiki sessions, and I’m absolutely in love with the physical and emotional feeling I felt after the sessions I had with her. Her energy is simply amazingly transparent and full of love!

Ursula Fragoso

I see Montse regularly, so I have had the benefit of many sessions with her. I have had Deep Tissue massage, Reiki massage and Raindrop technique sessions. My very favorite massage is the Raindrop technique. This technique uses YL essential oils neat (undiluted) along with Vita Flex technique and Feather stroking. I really enjoy the YL raindrop technique because it helps with reducing stress as well as alignment of your spine, while detoxifying. Whenever the session is over, you wish the time wasn’t up. The atmosphere is wonderful and very relaxing. She is attentive and very professional. Claudia Harthan

Montse is an amazing healer and light worker. She is kind, compassionate and extremely intuitive in her body work. Whenever I have a session with Montse I leave feeling light and unfettered. She is nothing short of amazing. I highly recommend her! J'aime M Kent

I enjoy my Reiki sessions with Montserrat very much. She is always kind and very professional. Her beautiful energy is only matched with the relaxing ambiance she arranges for each session with great relaxing music and aromatherapy. Highly recommended.

Ana Lucia Divins

A massage by Montse is an amazing experience on multiple levels. Her healing touch comes through her spiritually and translates into a fantastic session. She has incorporated a forearm technique that I have yet to experience from any other massage therapist, and she is able to pinpoint and correct problem areas with this insightful method. I would feel comfortable recommending her to anyone who wants to experience a great massage, as well as a spiritual and meditative healing. She is truly a blessing to the Charlotte region.

Nathan Palmer

Business Owner, Woodcycle Refinishing

I have received massage therapy from Montse consistently for more than a year, and I benefited so much from her healing touch! She is very intuitive, and seems to know just where my body needs massage. She has a caring and compassionate touch, and her massages feel so nurturing.

Adriana Bavosa